Requires a tablet with Android or iOS operating system, LCD capacitive touchscreen, 800 x 1280 resolution. Final specifications based on tablet selected.


• 7 in. Tablet: 7.75 x 4.75 x 0.75 in. (196 x 120 x 19 mm) typical

• 8 in. Tablet: 8.75 x 6.00 x 0.75 in. (222 x 152 x 19 mm) typical

Analog Inputs

4-20 mA (qty 2)

Analog Output

4-20 mA (qty 1)

Digital Output

Pulse (Totalizer), Frequency, Alarm (qty 1)

Digital Communication

• Modbus via RS485 port

• Bluetooth® wireless

• Micro-USB port


Type: Lithium ion (high-energy, rechargeable) Life (continuous operation): 18-20 hours

Life (power saver mode): >4 days

Charger: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60/Hz)

Charging Time: Up to 3 hours (from 0% to 100%)

Operating Temperature

Charge: 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)

Discharge: -20 to 55°C (-4 to 131°F)

Storage Temperature

-20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

Electronics Classifications

• CE (EMC Directive) IEC 61326-1:2013, IEC 61326-2-3:2013, LVD 2006/95/EC, EN 61010-1 2010

• ANSI/UL STD. 61010-1, CAN/CSA STD. C22.2 NO. 61010-1

• WEEE Compliant (Directive 2012/19/EU)

• RoHS Compliant (Directive 2011/65/EU)

TransPort PT900 Applications

• Suitable for most pipe sizes and materials, both lined and unlined
• Suitable for virtually every industry that requires temporary or spot flow rate measurement
• Suitable for many fluids, including potable water, wastewater, cooling and heating water, ultrapure water and other liquids such as water/glycol solutions, crude oil, refined hydrocarbons, chemicals and beverages

Battery Life

>12 hours of continuous use

Battery Charger

100 to 250 VAC (50/60 Hz)

Operating Temperature

0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

Communication with Flow Transmitter Bluetooth® or wired

Introducing the TransPort

The TransPort PT900 is the latest generation of portable clamp-on flow meters from Baker Hughes Panametrics line of ultrasonic meters. It capitalizes on the ruggedness and superior performance of its predecessor, the TransPort PT878, but delivers a whole new level of intuitive and user-friendly capability based on today’s technology.

Operation and Performance

Fluid Types

Liquids: Acoustically conductive fluids, including most clean liquids and many liquids with small amounts of entrained solids or gas bubbles

Flow Measurement

Patented Correlation Transit-TimeTM mode

Pipe Sizes

Standard: 0.5 to 24 in. (15 to 600 mm) Optional: up to 300 in. (7500 mm) available upon request

Pipe Wall Thickness

Up to 3 in. (76.2 mm)

Pipe Material

All metals and most plastics Consult BHGE for concrete, composite materials and highly corroded or lined pipes.


±1% of reading (2 in./50 mm or greater pipe sizes) ±2% of reading (0.5 in./15 mm to <2 in./50 mm pipe sizes)

Installation assumes a fully developed, symmetrical flow profile (typically 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream of straight pipe run). Final installation accuracy is a function of multiple factors including fluid, temperature range, pipe centricity among other factors.


±0.2% of reading Range (Bidirectional) 0.1 to 40 ft/s (0.03 to 12.19 m/s)

Response Time

Up to 2 Hz

Measurement Parameters

Velocity, Volume, Mass, Energy, Total Flow


1 or 2 channels Flow Transmitter


IP65 rating


• Weight: 3 lb (1.4 kg)

• Size (h x w x md): 7.9 x 4.3 x 1.5 in. (200 x 109 x 38mm)

• Mounting: Soft strap around pipe or magnetic clamp

Clamping Fixture, Transducers, and Transmitter mounted on a pipe.

TransPort PT900 Advantages

• A wide selection of transducers suitable for most applications
• Wireless (Bluetooth®) or wired communication from tablet transmitter
• Easy programming with bright touch screen and multiple-language user interface
• Fast-responding, high-accuracy transmitter with green/red light health indication and 8 GB of datalogging storage
• Velocity, volume, mass, totalizer and energy flow rate measurements
• Easy-to-install clamping fixture

User Interface

Panametrics TransPort PT900 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Starting at $6,700

Product Details

The TransPort PT900 system includes:

• Clamping fixture with transducers

• Flow transmitter (the electronics)

• Carrying case

• Accessories

Available options include:

• Tablet

• Rechargeable battery pack or spare battery

• BHGE PocketMike thickness gauge

• Energy measurement kit

TransPort PT900 Specifications